About us

Lucrin is a manufacturer of deluxe leather goods founded in Switzerland in 1994 which combines the longstanding values of the luxury goods sector with innovation and design excellence.

Craftspeople For The Luxury Goods Sector

We started as a supplier for famous luxury fashion brands, jewellers and watchmakers. These brands continue to place their trust in us for the manufacture of their bags, briefcases, watch straps, wallets and other leather accessories. With these clients we share a love of tradition and a respect for work carried out to the highest standards of quality. Our craftsmanship is today a confirmed industry standard.

A Pioneering Spirit

Working for top luxury brands is a dream for any leather goods manufacturer but we also strive to bring the quality of our work to people in all walks of life. To achieve this goal we need to innovate - maintaining the excellence of our traditional business while offering luxury leather goods at affordable prices. This could be seen as something of a gamble, especially since it had not been attempted until we rose to the challenge.

Already 25 Years In The Business

Today, we can say that this challenge has been more than met. It is now more than 25 years since Lucrin was established, and over the last ten years we have been designing, making and selling Lucrin leather directly to the public. From the choice of raw materials to delivery to your home, we are active at every step along the chain of creation to bring you the very best in leather goods. While the quality is as good as ever, now you can completely customize your leather goods - the texture and colour of your leather, thread colour and of course, the addition of lettering.

Switzerland / Headquarters
Lucrin SA
24 Chemin du velours, 1231 Conches,
Geneva, Switzerland
United Kingdom
Lucrin UK Ltd
Wilberforce House,
Station road
London NW4 4QE, England