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  • Chequebook cover
  • Chequebook cover
  • Chequebook cover
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This product comes with a protective soft microfiber pouch.

You can use it as a cleaning cloth too.

Product Description

Chequebook cover with full grain leather finish. This piece of leather accessory is a handy companion for businessmen. No more would you have to worry about keeping track of where you kept your payment cards and papers since the Lucrin chequebook holder allows you to arrange them all in one place. Being in genuine leather to boot, the chequebook cover would also protect its contents while giving you a neat and professional look. Lucrin allows you to personalise the holder by leather colour and type, as well as the possibility to engrave it with a text of your choice. The leather chequebook cover is made up of the following pockets:
A left-side cheque book insertion slot
5 pockets for credit or business cards
Notes or tickets can be inserted into the slit at the back.

Note: Valid for chequebooks with the standard European size
Dimensions : 19.5 cm x 11 cm
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1. Leather Colour

For each leather type, you are offered an array of colours to choose from. This is where you start to tap into your creative side: texture/colour/product combinations which produce unique results. Lucrin is proud to bring to you 30 different colours and, to help you choose wisely, we have colour swatches for every different leather types at your disposal: Do not think twice before getting your own!

2. Leather Type And Texture

A few of the leather types that we work with :

  • 1. Smooth cow
  • 6. Smooth lamb
  • 2. Granulated cow
  • 7. Stingray
  • 3. Metallic leather
  • 8. Ostrich
  • 4. Suede calf
  • 9. Alligator
  • 5. Crocodile style

3. Thread colour

We offer 2 options: tone on tone, which matches with the product colour, and unbleached thread, which is suitable with any leather colour.

4. Multiple engraving options for your product

Some engraving options available are:

  • 1. Date
  • 2. Initials
  • 3. Name
  • 4. Sentence (Motivational Quote)

You choose how to make your leather product your very own - give flight to your imagination.

Our classic designs boast of a prolonged lifespan. Imagine yourself a luxury leather accessory which reflect your personality or that of your company; we will give them shape.

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We have sought out the best in Europe, particularly in Italy and France but also in Tunisia, South Africa (for ostrich leather) and Singapore (alligator skins). This careful sourcing enables us to offer you the very best quality in each type of leather.

Guaranteeing the best leather

The leather item delivered to your home is the end result of a process in which no effort has been spared. After the skins are selected and treated, each stage of production is monitored in our workshop - cutting, preparation, assembly and sewing. After the finishing touches are applied, each piece is painstakingly checked by expert inspectors before it leaves the workshop.


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Chequebook cover

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  • Chequebook cover - Off-White - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Off-White
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  • Chequebook cover - Sea Green - Granulated Leather Granulated Leather/Sea Green
  • Chequebook cover - Burgundy - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Burgundy
  • Chequebook cover - Navy Blue - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Navy Blue
  • Chequebook cover - Royal Blue - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Royal Blue
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  • Chequebook cover - Red - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Red
  • Chequebook cover - Pink - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/Pink
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  • Chequebook cover - White - Smooth Leather Smooth Leather/White
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