Storage Boxes

We always need boxes to store various accessories that we need to keep safe, tidy or handy. Here is a sublime collection of storage boxes for both office and home use. Made in authentic high-end leather, the boxes are designed in different shapes, sizes and functionalities. Almost all the boxes of this selection have a lid as closure, so as to keep your stuffs safely inside. One example is the Nespresso capsules box, which is a thing of beauty or the one that can sit near your main entrance and acts as a valet tray for your EDC essentials. Your dressing can also find some place for the classy laundry tray, which provides an elegant way to store your clothes and accessories. In your living rooms or office, you can find the most suitable leather box that matches your overall decor. All of these luxury leather boxes can be customised with unique engravings and many more options.
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