1. We all have a backpack, the absolute must-have, especially thanks to its practical features. We have revisited the leather ruck sacks, proposing 2 versions of rounded shapes coming in 2 different sizes (XL and S). The shoulder straps are conceived expertly so as to fit your back shape perfectly, thus allowing you optimum comfort when using the bag. Discover our best-of, the Lucrin Backpack/Satchel, which can be carried on the back or in hand as deemed fit. The straps can be hidden beneath a leather plaque, if you wish to use the knapsack as a schoolbag. We also have a leather back bag specially designed by our craftsmen for our numerous ladies fans.

  2. Small Backpack Small Backpack

    Small Backpack BG1073

    Small backpack in full-grain leather. It is very practical, and has several pockets: 1 front pocket with a gusset measuring 23x14x3 cm, a front pocket.. Learn More
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  3. Trendy Backpack Trendy Backpack

    Trendy Backpack BG1003

    Lucrin presents one of the favourites of the ladies in terms of bag: the leather Trendy Backpackstrong>. Made in the same authentic full-grain leather.. Learn More
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  4. Large Backpack Large Backpack

    Large Backpack BG2017

    This leather backpack that will accompany you during all your travels. Large and round-shaped, this bag gives a pleasant feeling when carried since th.. Learn More
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  5. Backpack and satchel Backpack and satchel

    Backpack and satchel BG1058

    Backpack and satchel Backpack with adjustable straps that can be arranged to create a multi-use briefcase. Two gusset compartments with zipper closure.. Learn More
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