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Working with other companies has always been part of who we are as a business - it's how we started, and they were our first customers. Since our earliest days we have always been eager to respond to your needs and adapt to your expectations.

We have a traditional large-scale customization package that’s tailored to your corporate image, as well as original made-to-measure products. Whether you require a one-off or a series of thousands, we are here to make your project a reality.

Offre entreprise

Start by creating a corporate account

Create a corporate account when you are registering : You will thus have access to special privileges reserved for your enterprise.
Start by creating a corporate account

The entire catalogue made available for you.

Choose your product of interest from our catalogue.
Customise our products as per your needs

Customise our products as per your needs

As a Corporate, you have the possibility to add your enterprise logo (in JPG format). One-time payment: if you wish to place other orders, the logo plate costs are automatically void.

You then choose your packaging as from 10 items.

10 - 245%
25 - 497%
50 - 7410%
75 - 9915%
100 - 19920%
200 - 29925%
300 - 49930%
500 - 99935%
> 100040%

Quantity-based discounts.

You benefit from discounts based on quantity, according to the following grid:
Prévisualisation de votre produit

Place your corporate order directly online.

A simple and user-friendly system that allows you to place your corporate order directly on the web.

Note: As soon as we receive your order and within 48 hours, our graphics department will propose some previews of your chosen product, with your logo as it will be once the items are manufactured.

Prévisualisation de votre produit

Trouble choosing the right color or leather?

Before completing your corporate purchase, order a swatch of leathers and colors available on our website. It will then be easier for you to make your choice when you receive the swatch.

Your creation, our production.

We are also at your disposal to conceive your prototypes and to work out the best possible offer for the series manufacture. Send us your project by filling in the corporate contact form.

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